Nada’s sister, Eli

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Nada's sister, Vanilli

She was adopted by Mrs. Elisabeta Rotariu , in Romania


Nada’s brother, Bingo

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Nada's brother, Bingo

He was wanted by Mrs Coman, from Canada but he disappeared from the park prior to his adoption. We hope you are safe!

Nada’s sister, Vanilli

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Nada's sister, Eli

She is adopted by Mrs Alice Ignatiadis, in Romania

Nada’s brother, Rocky

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Nada's brother, Rocky

He is on his way to UK, to his forever home, the Marsden family 🙂

Nada’s sister, Malesha

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Nada's sister, Malesha

She is now in Holland in her new family, the Schippers family 🙂


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NadaMy name is Nada and this is… me, 2 months ago, when I was abandoned in a park in Bucharest, Romania, together with my 2 brothers and 5 sisters.

It was February. Very cold outside. We were terrified, because it was dark outside and we had never been far away from mum until that day. We found shelter under a bush and curled up together to keep each other warm. I was looking at my brothers and they were so helpless, that I decided to take responsibility for looking after them. Someone had to be the alpha female, so because no one was rushing to take responsibility, I did. But… wait, how does one get food around here?!
It didn’t take long before our den was discovered by this Husky female named Asha. It was the first other dog I was seeing besides our mom. And this dog was so big!

My brothers and sisters got scared, but I thought – this might be our only chance. I sniffed her and I saw she had no ill intentions, so courageous as I am, I got myself out of the bushes to explain things and talk her through our story. Ok, I admit I was a bit scared, but I didn’t show it. She listened to me with great concern, then she called her master, Alexandra, who was desperately looking for her in the park. When that one got close, I looked straight into her eyes and I thought to myself: That’s her! I am sure she will help us!
And that’s how it was! She brought us food, milk and snacks twice a day for a week, then she started bringing all sorts of people around, all of them very curious to know us. Some of them took photos; others brought meat and rice, while others even came with some cardboard boxes layered with hay, so that we can sleep more comfortably. That’s how I understood that humans are not bad. That’s how I understood what mom meant, when she was telling us that humans are a dog’s best friends.
Anyway, the day came when Alexandra and Asha took me to their home. It was nice and warm in there. They bathed me and wrapped me in dry clothes, they allowed me to sleep on the couch, and they fed me until I was almost full! To be honest with you, I don’t think I will ever be full.

Next day I was taken to the doctor. I wasn’t scared; I was already trusting Alexandra – and humans in general. I didn’t squeal when they inserted the tracing device and gave me shots. It was a matter of pride, you see, even though I was only weighing 6 kg.
I got along quite well with Asha, although she gave me some rather tough lessons, but I thought I’d better learn from her what being a true alpha dog means.
One night when Alexandra opened the window, I felt the breeze from the park. It was raining outside and I remembered my brothers. I climbed on Alexandra’s chest, right on to her heart and I looked in her eyes and asked her to look after them, just the way she looks after me. And she understood! She caressed my head and promised me that she was going to do the best she could. Who said humans don’t understand what we say?!
Next day when I woke up, Alexandra had taken Asha for a walk. I waited for them on the couch, quietly chewing on the phone wire. When they got back… oh it was my nicest surprise: my sister Malesha was there!DSCF8335

They quickly bathed her, took her to the vet, gave her the vaccines, cleared her from parasites and got her back on her feet. I told her not to cry and she didn’t cry; just that… she didn’t cry because she was scared; I didn’t cry because I was courageous. It was me who taught her that, when you are indoors, you should only pee on the pampers – although I sometimes pee around as well, but that’s not because I don’t know I shouldn’t. It’s because I like how people react when I do that. They are very cute when they get pissed off. I walked Malesha through the rules of living in an apartment and showed her the delicious things she could chew on. I don’t know what my sister would do without me…
From that day on, life became very beautiful for the two of us. As much food as we wanted, plus a lot of warmth, love, playing and fun.

Time went by quickly; we’d been taken to the vet again; people were coming to visit and bring food and toys – but especially, they were coming to play with us. We got ourselves a lot of friends. Humans are really beautiful! I love them!
Few days later, our sister Vanili joined us, but unfortunately she left us soon and went to her new family, where we got to visit her. That’s where we found brother Rocky too. We were so happy to see each other again, the 4 of us! We got into running and playing, just like we were doing when we were at home with mom. We barked at the cats, pulled our ears, wallowed in the sand and dug a hole. Then Malesha and I went back home and left the other two siblings in that safe, beautiful yard.

Days went by; we grew up and, one day, we got our first leash and collar! Alexandra told us that we are now properly registered dogs, and she solemnly attached our collars to our necks. She also told us that, one day, we were going to travel the world. We didn’t take her seriously, we thought she was joking. People say a lot of crazy things sometimes.
We were taken out in the park so that everyone could see us. I was proud to walk first; my sister is a bit shy, so she was dragging behind, sticking to Alexandra’s feet all the time. I am not afraid of anything! She is scared of everything!
We played, we chased each other, made friends with all the dogs in the park and were very proud to have our own master now…

…until one day, when Alexandra told us we should stop arguing, because we are sisters and we were not going to see each other again. It was out of the question. What did she mean, not see each other? I can’t even imagine that! But she continued with her story about how we would be traveling the world. I think I didn’t even pay attention, I was chewing on something…

…but one evening, Alexandra hugged us and she was crying; she told us that she loved us and the big day of our departure had arrived; soon we were going to be with our new masters, one in Holland and the other one in Germany. I thought we were going to the park, so I was very happy. But I believe my sister understood; she’s a bit more sensitive in matters relating to the soul, she’s quite good with that stuff. We got out in the street and I don’t even remember how I found myself in the arms of this cute guy who put me in his car. Malesha followed shortly and we didn’t even notice when Alexandra said good bye and the car left. I found the idea of traveling abroad quite attractive, so I was trying to console Malesha.
Alex Tanasescu and his wife, our new traveling friends, were very cool and gave us lots of attention all along. They got us across the border safely, they played music, talked to us and fed us, reassured us and made us feel around friends.
But then I remembered Alexandra telling me that we were not going to see each other again, so I got a little scared. When we got to German territory, I prayed the dogs’ God not to let my sister leave my side. Not now. Not yet! And He answered my prayer!
I don’t know how He did it, how He put all that together, but around 2 o’clock in the night, phones started ringing like crazy in the car, the people got crazy themselves and the car changed course. I didn’t understand what really happened, but now I found out that the girl my sister was going to be with was not really the right person, so instead of leaving her in Germany and the two of us being separated forever, we got to Heerlen, Holland together and now we are both with the Schippers – the family that was going to adopt me.

They are not a small family, but they were very kind and welcomed both of us. Their pack includes Koenrad – husband; Sorana – wife; Sophie – their little one, and Iaro – a Romanian shepherd dog, very cool and soft-hearted. We were welcomed with a lot of love and food.

We were happy to see that they had a yard, so we could play, but I know this can’t last forever. One of us will have to go, so I thought I would be the one. First of all because I am not afraid of the unknown, I am not afraid of new people, dogs and adventure; secondly, I thought my sister is getting along really well with Sophie. She is somewhat more sensitive and she needs a lot of attention and care – and I think the Schippers family is a perfect match for her. Sophie will be her friend, and Iaro will be her bodyguard; Sorana will cook for her, while Koenrad will take her for walks. So I decided: Malesha will stay with Sorana, while me… well, I need adventure and action, so I am now going to look for a new master to discover the world with.
Now I weigh about 12 kg and I am about 4-5 months old; I have a tracing device implanted, I have a passport and I took all the vaccines too – but first of all, I want to play. A lot. I am in Holland for now and I would love to stay as close to my sister Malesha as possible.

So if you liked my story, if you like me and my personality, if you would like to have a dedicated buddy and a courageous dog, if you live in Holland, Belgium or Germany and you love dogs like me, if you need a new friend, contact me on our facebook page:
Or, you can contact my first adopter in Romania, Alexandra Burca – her email address is: and her facebook –
Or, you can get in touch with our interim masters, the Schippers family ( Koenraad and Sorana ) by email, at, and or


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